With many of the 2017 first cut grass silages taken, the ensuing months will result in fresh grass being included as a large proportion of the cow’s diet.  May grass can offer very high levels of energy, but it’s high oil and sugar content combined with low fibre levels can be detrimental to milk butterfat.  Low fibre, high sugar and rapidly fermentable carbohydrate combination can also cause rumen pH levels to drop, putting cows at risk from sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA).  There are lots of ways you can help prevent this – balancing the ration with fibre, feeding slower release energy products, ensuring buffer forages are offered and including products such as Acid Buf.  If you are worried about SARA and butterfat levels in your milk then don’t hesitate to ask you TCF nutritionist for help.

Three Counties Feeds was founded in 1996 on the back of farmer demand for a tailored service and we have grown year on year because of the continued support from farmers in the South West.  We recognise that each farm and farming situation is unique, and as a result much of what we supply is bespoke to the individual farmer’s needs. We formulate and supply our own range of Dairy, Youngstock, Beef and Sheep compounds which are based on fixed formulations.

We aim to consistently provide practical nutritional solutions to on farm problems, reliable and timely deliveries along with the personal approach to customer service.  Whilst we focus on the dairy industry in the South West counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset, we also supply feed to all classes of ruminant livestock.